We've recently renovated every inch of our gym to include top-notch weightlifting stations, additional cardio options including Rowers and Assault Bikes. But mostly, you'll be moving your body - and we give you plenty of safe open space to do that!

Kris Starling:
As a working mother of 2, a former personal trainer and fitness instructor, I know the importance of getting a good quality work out that keeps you from being bored, and gives you the results you want.  I have been involved with CrossFit since the winter of 2012  and know first hand that the varied workouts that CrossFit 280 provides, and can give you the fitness you desire.  I believe in it so much that I have become a Level I trainer with the goal of continuing my CrossFit Training credentials.  I am thrilled to be a  part of the "family"  that CrossFit 280 has.  We are a group of everyday people coming together to become better, fitter, and healthier individuals.

Relax in our open, airy athlete's lounge with an eight foot projection TV and sectional sofa. Crossfit 280 frequently hosts community get-togethers, sports nights, and nerf wars! We even have an extra room for kids ages six and up to play while you're working out!

Build a better you.

Crossfit 280 is also proud to offer pre-cooked delicious and healthy meals by Bellini's to help you stay on your nutrition goals when you're running short of time, and we are a DrivenNutrition dealer - supplying protein and other high-quality supplements to give you an extra edge in your workouts.

Len Cowling:  
I first found CrossFit in 2006 while overseas. I only dabbled into the WODs then and it was only “cherry picking” from the main site if it looked too hard. Fast forward 6 years to May of 2012; I was home from a 3rd deployment, Rehabbing a knee injury, 30lbs heavier, going through another divorce, and trying my best to drink all of that pain away. I needed to do something positive so I found my local CrossFit Box in Auburn AL. I completed the intro classes and fell head over heels with the program and the community. The owner (Dalton Ard) told me I was then ready for the deep end of the pool. The next day’s WOD was “Filthy Fifty” and it squashed me like a bug. I told myself I would give this 30 days to make a decision on sticking with it or no. 30 days turned into a year then I wanted more so in June of 2013 I completed the CrossFit Level 1 CERT then came the Mobility CERT in December. Soon after I caught a drop-in WOD at a small box called CrossFit 280 owned and operated by a wonderful Madman named Kevin Williams. After moving to Birmingham it didn’t take me long to find my way back to CrossFit 280 and the wonderful community of folks that live there. This year Kevin gave me the opportunity to coach and I can’t thank him enough! One of the most fulfilling things about coaching is watching someone surpass a personal goal; be it squat full depth, first pull ups,  box jumps, or hitting a personal record on a lift; You get to see what pure joy looks like and it is awe-some! So, is CrossFit for you?- YES! CrossFit is a lifestyle in which you are prioritizing your health which gives you the ability to do many different things at a high level of intensity. CrossFit gave me my life back and coaching is my way of giving back to CrossFit.